Husky Ra is one of the five boys who escaped from the Tomeoki Facility and is chased by The Warden


Husky is a small boy with messy, light grey hair. He wears torn brown trousers and a brown waistcoat. He also wears a cap with a multi coloured feather in it which was left with him when he was a child. He has two red lines smeared on both his cheeks with paint.

Reason For DetainmentEdit

Husky was detained in the facility because of his ability to split his body into two beings, one of which is his own body but slightly younger and the other is a medium height grey wolf. Husky was an orphan who's parents abandoned him once they found out about his powers and left him in a wood to starve. He lived alone for most of his life. He was found by one of The Warden's guards.

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