Geraldy Jecanti is a boy at the Tomeoki Facility who told The Warden about Tomlong's plan to escape, because of this he was granted permission, by the Warden, to assist him in the chase of the five. He is Tomlong's rival and, along with The Warden, the main antagonist of the Ruffians series.


Geraldy is a tall boy with medium length, spiky black hair. He has dark rims around his eyes which are bright green. He wears a large black cloak over dark green shorts and a cream coloured waistcoat.

Reason For DetainmentEdit

When Geraldy was 16 he killed a bully at his school who was consistantly cruel to him. He was taken to a juvinile prison but after a year was moved to the Tomeoki facility when The Warden took a special interest in him.

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